Simplify your cryptocurrency taxes

LedgiFi syncs your transactions, analices your portfolio 📈 and computes capital gains ⚖️ so you can be tax compliant without the headaches ✨

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Cryptocurrency transactions are taxable 👀

LedgiFi helps you calculate capital gains to avoid fines and comply with this unfortunate obligation.

(we don't report on your transactions)

With LedgiFi you can

Analyze your investments

Evaluate the distribution of your portfolio, plan your investments, and make informed decisions with up to date data.

Track your portfolio

With our charts and statistics you will know how much all your coins are worth and what their performance was.

Review your gains

Find out how much you earned (or lost) in each of your coins, according to the valuation method you choose.

Organize your transactions

Here you can add, sort, and filter thousands of transactions from all your wallets and exchanges.

Automate your taxes

2021 2022 2023
Realized gains
+8,192.6 USD
We calculate your gains and keep up to date with current legislation so you can keep trading without problems.

Connect your favorite wallets and exchanges

Import your transactions and connect all your accounts in just one click.

Start organizing your portfolio ✨

Add your transactions and track your portfolio on your free plan

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Tax plans

Each plan is a one-time payment per tax year based on the volume of transactions during the year. 🤝

Basic Plan 📈

Get your crypto taxes done

$79.00 USD
Up to $100 thousand in volume
Unlimited transactions
Crypto tax calculation
Pro Plan 🚀

All included, no limits

$399.00 USD
Unlimited transacted volume
Unlimited transactions
Crypto tax calculation
Priority support

We make your tax filing easy 🙌

Organize and review your transactions, we take care of the rest.

Simplify your taxes

Need personalized help organizing your crypto?

If you are an accountant, company or need us to help you organize your transactions, schedule a meeting with us to review your case 🤓

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